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 We have worked within the private and commercial sectors.  We can provide: 
Tarmac is now known as bitmac, you have a surface course which is small stone and dust mixed with hot bitumen (this is commonly known as topping).  You also have base course bitmac, this is the undercoat which is made up of larger stone and dust mixed with hot bitumen.  
Tarmac driveway:
Tarmac has become ever more popular for driveways because of its versatility and the obvious cost.  If laid correctly it will last years.  To enhance a driveway you can choose to frame with block paving around the edge, there are various styles of blocks and cobbles to choose from. 
What you get:   firstly we excavate the existing area to a suitable depth dependant on the ground conditions, then a layer of MOT stone is laid and compacted, a base coat of tarmac is then applied which is then rolled and finally a bitmac surface couse (fine tarmac) is laid and rolled to a high standard of finish. 
 Tarmac driveway overlay:
If you have an existing tarmac or concrete driveway it may be possible to just resurface over depending on the condition and if there is enough clearance below the damp proof course of the house (150mm), if applicable.  This can greatly reduce the cost and disruption of having a new driveway and it will also last for years. 
What you get:  we clear and scrape off any loose material, remove any edgings where they meet footpaths, manholes, grids etc... and cut back, key-in for a smooth join.  A bitumen tach-coat (glue) is poured onto the existing surface to create a good bond for a new tarmac to old tarmac, then a bitmac surface course is laid and rolled again to high standard of finish.
Block paving:
Block paving is a means of laying surface using interwoven patterns of brickwork.  It is also a very popular choice for a driveway, with it comes a large range of colours and patterns from mono block (all the same size) to tegular in 2 to 3 different sizes either smooth or rumbled and also laid patterns.  If laid properly (with suitable foundation) it will last for years. 
Block paved driveway:
What you get:  the area is excavated to a suitable depth, this is dependant on ground conditions, then a layer of MOT stone is laid and compacted, we then screed off compacted grit sand and the blocks are then laid on top of the screeded sand.  Finally, kiln dried sand is brushed inbetween the joints of the blocks to give a high standard of finish.
Flagging is a great choice for patios as well as driveways as there is a hugh amount of different choices available from pre-cast concrete, smooth texture, coarse texture to inidan stone and a whole lot more.  Tarmal & Co can offer and lay most of these dependant on the customers choice.
Flagging a patio or driveway:
What you get:  the area is excavated to a suitable depth, this is dependant on ground conditions, then a layer of MOT stone is laid and compacted.  The flags are then laid on concrete and either pointed or grouted with sand cement mix giving a high standard of finish.
We can supply and lay turf.
We also offer a brick laying service to include:  steps, walls, gate posts, etc... 
We can offer a bulk excavation and removal service i.e. digging out and removing all types of earth, concrete and any other soil in order for you to begin the next stage of construction.
 Digger and tipper hire:
We have 2 three tonne excavators, a tipper truck and various heavy diesel rollers.  So we are able to take on most types of small excavation work.





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